Time Transformers

Temmerian Transmissions

Integration and Wholeness


Lifetimes of trauma has splintered the collective consciousness of Earth’s people. The time has come for integration to reach beyond the healing of the individual to the re-integration of the planetary being of which humanity is a unitary part. As we strive for wholeness as people — and as a people — we prepare ourselves for integration into a meta-planetary humanity, a galactic understanding of who we are. In this message, the League of Light through Asket offers insight, encouragement, and guidance.


6 thoughts on “Integration and Wholeness

  1. my hearing is not as good as it was, even with hearing aids, so is it possible to lower the volume of the background music so that your words are more easily understood. Thank you.

    • Thanks for the feedback… I can only gauge the sound levels on my own computer, and I try to make them easy to discern because I dislike having competing background music with spoken words. I’ll refine for the next video 🙂 I am hoping as well to provide written transcripts of the messages, as time permits! Still, I hope some part of you received the energies behind the words. Thank you for listening.

  2. thank you that will help a lot. Also, another tip re. speaking clearly [ I was a drama student ! ], try hitting the consonents at the end of words, they provide deleniation in the flow , otherwise it’s all vowels strung together. Wonderful website from my “home town”. Thank you.

  3. you are doing beautiful work. the message is inspiring and your voice is lovely. i do not wish to perpetuate any drama, and with all respect, as an audio professional i assure you your delivery is both engaging and intimate. so i encourage you to continue to keep it “real” and don’t worry about “technique”.
    thank you for your service.

    • Thank you, Luis, what a lovely message! It’s truly an honor to provide such a service to you all, and there’s not much I can do about it anyway, as it’s channeled material and not reading from a script. I’ve studied both dramatic arts and audio tech to some limited degree, and do my best to deliver a message that’s a multimedia sense experience. The Pleiadians take care of the delivery, and the vibrations of the vocalizations are encoded with light, I assure you 🙂 They are well aware of every comment and experience from all of you relative to what they share here, and I am most appreciative of your responses.

  4. This is truly superb, just what I needed. Thank you, so much.

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