Time Transformers

Temmerian Transmissions

Time Is Beckoning, Meet Us Again


When we relinquish our ideas of self, of reality, of what we know reality to be, we allow a greater reality to come into focus… one that is alive with potential and long-lost friendships forged over the temporal waves of other existences. Asket greets us here with an invitation to get into closer contact with her and other off-worlders in service to the League of Light, and to cast aside our erroneous beliefs to make open the path toward a greater experience of Self.

Many people have been asking for a closer interaction with Asket, and this video serves as her response to you, with great love.


4 thoughts on “Time Is Beckoning, Meet Us Again

  1. hello dear Maryann Rada

    Transcription has not?

    From there I translate to Brazilian Portuguese

    Dario Mânica

  2. Dear Maryann I wish to share my latest poem with you.
    I have ordered your renegade lexicon will send you my feedback on it.
    After being so transformed by your other 2 books, I know that there is
    something special awaiting me.
    Take care my Lady,
    From my Heart to Yours Leo x

    Brick The Monument


    Its time to brick the monument,

    a choice now must be made,

    All those who sit upon the fence

    come join the love parade

    Release your karmic baggage

    and cast aside your fears,

    For now you are supported

    by the golden years

    A new program is now running

    augmenting all of life,

    Manifesting miracles

    instead of doom and strife

    The olden ways don’t work

    like they used to do,

    This programs sending data streams

    from a future you

    So will you take advantage

    of this gift of grace,

    For it is freely offered

    to all the human race

    A splitting of the world

    is what has been decreed,

    So will you brick the monument

    and rise up from your knees.

    Big Hug


  3. Thank you for another beautiful offering, Leo! I’m sure you’ll like the lexicon… it’s a great meditation inspiration 🙂

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