Time Transformers

Temmerian Transmissions

Big Change in Time: Video Edition



2 thoughts on “Big Change in Time: Video Edition

  1. Dear Maryann
    I have read this transmission over and over again and I always seem to glean new insights and angles from it. It is indeed activating my quantum presence, and no doubt this video version will enhance things further.
    Love and Hugs
    And Latest Poem
    Your Bro Leo

    Cast and forged by whats unseen
    Without a doubt this I have been
    No addictions, no desire
    Purged by spirit through the fire
    What remains is tried and true
    Pure awareness bleeding through
    The abstract now I’ve come to know
    My seeds of love begin to grow
    The witness now looks through my eyes
    Judgings ended, tears are dried
    Light and dark they both are needed
    Thus the dance of life is seeded
    Yes darkness plays a vital role
    A teacher for a learning soul
    Judging nothing, embracing all
    Ascending journey of my soul

  2. Brilliant and beautiful, Leo! Thank you 🙂

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