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The Crew

Along with Asket, I am in contact with various other members of the League of Light. Here is a short introduction to the rest of the crew, with links to pages where you can read more about them and find their messages. Or, you can find everything in one place at the Opalescent Nine mothersite. To really understand who they are, where they’re coming from, and why they’re talking with us so candidly today, read their books. They traveled a long, long way to bring them into being!


Theo is a group of high-vibrational beings of what the human-based understanding would see as luminescent humanoid appearance. We are twelve in number, and we call ourselves Theo, as the one who is the primary transmitter of the words we share is of a divine frequency signature that is best understood by the human mind by the sound “Theo” and all the undercurrents that accompany divinity in the shape of that sound. We are in fact beings who have come together for the purpose of assisting the Earth’s rebalancing in the times following the transformation from enslavement to liberated, from subject to pure sovereign beingness, from one age into another, if you will allow us a little poetic turn of phrase. We have been working on the plane of Earth for many eons of your time, and where we exist, this is not the first time we have entered into communication with you, as a people. Our home is afar in both time and space, and is distant as well from the density of the Earth matrix, in that it is of a substance more akin to spiritual than physical, though on our home world, we do indeed have physicality and enjoy a rich and varied lifestyle. (read more)


In the world you inhabit, you would have a hard time spotting me, because I am human, and because the world I inhabit is phased to a higher frequency than yours presently is. To you, I would appear almost diaphanous, made more of light than matter. Your world is breaking free of that harmonic, however, and is already in the process of re-integrating within the structure of a finer, lighter density. Soon your eyes will register this shift and I might appear more solidly human. Know that is because your address, in a manner of speaking, has changed. The world you inhabit is restructuring itself, and you along with it. (read more)


Greetings to you, humans of Earth. I am Rachelle, a human of Temmer. You have entered into a time of great transformation and as an emissary for the League of Light, I am here to bring you information that is designed to deepen your experience. You have all gathered as one at this point in your collective history to join your energies and intentions to create the opening into a new world for those who follow. You are the bearers of the torch, the bringers of the new day and the ones who have given their strength and force of thought to the moment that is upon you now. You have healed and you have surrendered, you have stood your ground and claimed your pride! We of the League of Light are joyously awaiting the full communion of our reunion, the coming into form of the time long seen as the moment that you will call The Beginning of The End, followed in short term by the New Earth. Those of you who remain to shepherd the New Earth into a home will meet others of like mind, and those who are destined to travel will likewise reunite with old friends and family.

For now, listen to the words I have to share, and re-read the messages that the League of Light has brought forth to date. There is a lot of information for understanding, and we have shared the scope of what you need to bring the new day firmly footed in the light of your own self-recognition.

In peace, I say, welcome home!

Pleiadian Renegades

The Pleiadian Renegades are a collective of beings from a high-frequency, low-density reality that sources from the light of the sun of Alcyone. They are human beings of a higher level of awareness and come to our realm of awareness now as midwives for our collective transformation into the consciousness of divinity. They do this with great love, humor, and depth of understanding. (read more)


As a healer and writer, Maryann Rada’s career has crossed over many diverse paths. Trained in healing modalities from energy work to holistic therapy, meditation, yoga and metaphysics, she has helped countless people find their way to empowerment through forgiveness and knowing of the self. The healing energies she serves are inherent in all as the inborn connection with the divine, and this is embodied in her writing as well. (read more)

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