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It Is Time to Ask Why: Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian

Now is the time to come together. To share our strength and collectively cast off the shroud of fear that has been imposed upon the planet for eons. It is time to find the answers within about the truth of why we are here, and Asket, with typical warmth and insight, opens up understanding in this message.



Up and Away: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian

Up and Away

An ending is in sight. You are seeing it as a transition, and that is good, but that entails an ending. You need to be ready for that. We are only able to tell you about it; it’s up to you to experience it. A way to prepare yourselves is to let go of hard-and-fast ideas about ultimate outcomes. Beginnings are more difficult than endings, but endings don’t need to be hard at all. Letting go is easy when you realize that what you are letting go of is what you created. You never lose what you create. Losing anything is making a change in your reality and that is making a change in more than the world you know and love. You also change your consciousness, and that changes you. Are you able to let go of who you know yourself to be and meet another aspect of your embodied soul? If you are, you very soon will have the pleasure of meeting your future self as the light being you want to see arrive on your planet’s stage in this final act of an age-old drama. Can there be such a meeting of timelines? As a matter of fact, you are about to find out. The world breathes a collective sigh of relief on that matter.

We of the League of Light are ready to help if the need arises. We aren’t sure that it will. Your transformation is already underway and it appears that the ones in power are self-destructing even while they maintain control of stone-cold time – or think they do. Very soon, it will be visible to all who look at them that the norm of business as usual has no more life and that they are breaking apart as the world shifts into a new phase of beingness. You are not going to be left out of the party, dear ones. There is plenty of room on the world of tomorrow for all who want to experience that. You haven’t missed anything while you’ve been dealing with your own personal issues and changes, and no one is going to be forgotten. We are still on reserve if things turn ugly, but we don’t anticipate the worst-case scenario.

Unspoken yet is news of what we are doing, but we can only say so much before our words are understood by entities who would be interested in using them to alter your timelines. Be vigilant in your thoughts, dear ones. Keep your reality on track for our meeting you sooner rather than later. The best way to keep focused energetically is to remember your way up emotionally. A happy feeling is the best way to get into a frequency where we can meet you. A sure-fire way to access the happy vibe is to OM. It opens the energy portals of your body and feeds your system a nutritious energy snack. How you OM is not as important as that you do something to elevate your frequency. OMing is a good way to do that. Once you elevate your frequency, the things unspoken can be understood directly. In this way, wordless understandings cause no ripples in your world’s resolving drama and your curiosity is satisfied for the moment. Pure understanding will also help send energies to the nodes of light that carry information to the other planets and people who are undergoing transformation at this time. Raising your vibrational frequency will voice what we cannot say. Understanding will tell you everything you want to know.

Hauling your luggage with you would be burdensome in the days of light that are coming. Pack light and leave everything you don’t need behind. You came into the world with nothing and you’ve done well since then. Same applies to the time you are approaching. You are set to inherit a new world, to embark on a new voyage of discovery, to have a new idea of what it means to be galactic humans. We are ready to begin your waking-up process on a higher level than you may have guessed but which you have hoped for. If you are ready, so are we.


High Time to Tell the Truth

892204_10151757344349786_1702052991_oLong ago in terms of the new age of modern living, you knew of a time-traveling band of Pleiadian beings who told stories of the newer age yet to come, in which the underpinnings of the reality you know would be brought down and the truth of who you are and what your history is brought into full light of day. We were some of those who came to the ears of man, yet we are not the full faction of bearers of such news. You have had many such beings come into your matrix either by stealthy physical interaction or by telepathic communication, or by dreamtime visitations, or other means of interactivity. Our mission has been and remains simple: To help the totality of humanity to awaken as much as they can to the truths of who they are and where they’re going, to bring into focus the innate divinity within human embodiments, and to dress down the dim matrix of lies that has shrouded your eyes from the light of your own truth for eons. You have wanted such, and we have this to offer, in the present discourse as well as those of others in my crew’s service. We are the League of Light, and we are here with you in the empathic connection that these words carry within their encoded form. We will be with you in more physical ways in the future, but for now, the collective mind of humanity would crack irreparably if we were to just teleport into your stage the moment you wished to have connection. We aren’t willing to risk a single human mind, so we say to you, if you are ready, add your name to the growing list of those humans who indeed are ready, and as that grows we will be better able to do something satisfying to the yearning you have for connection. In other words, be prepared in your own being, help others to become ready for reality to shift into unrecognizable patterns in grace and empowerment, and then we will have a better foundation on which to base our selective emergence into the world of earth at the right time for the most benefit to the planet and her people. Outside of that, we are in the midst of communicating with you through this medium, and there are others who have some inkling of who we are and who bear our vibration to your world in a coherent manner. We will tell you everything we have to say the best way for us to get the message across to the most people. Everyone will be entering into a greater time and space of psychic sensitivity, so more and more will be known by more and more people.

It is so sad to see so many people give up to the lesser forces of entropy, doubt, division, and the like. We just take each new awakening as a great advance, as the more people who awaken, the greater the light that is carried by the planetary species and this gives everyone a greater ability to evolve into the new state of consciousness that awaits for all. Every one of you who pays attention to life’s little lessons, who gives your focus to the light within every dark moment that comes into your awareness, you are giving the lost and wandering souls the kind of ease in their state of being that will help them find the entrainment toward love victorious over ignorance and despair. So many are sad, so many are lonely, and so many are without hope, that every rise in your awareness makes a slight difference in the whole of humanity’s collective mind. Remember them with kindness when you think upon them. Even those who sell the knowledge of death, who entrap innocents in their snares of silvery-tongued sensuality, who let the guilty go free to do more of their deeds while imprisoning those who have a life of family and friends lost to slavery to the system… look on these with kindness, if you can. We harbor no need to destroy what is set on a course to destroy itself, yet in the direct knowing of love is everything transformed, even these who you might otherwise wish to destroy. Know that there is something to look forward to. Know that things will change when you are able to let go of the belief that they have to be a certain way. Hope has no prerequisites.

Night time has fallen long ago, and the dawn is scintillating on the horizon. Let the light it teases the darkness with turn into a flood of light in the fullness of the new day. What is sure is that the day follows night. Your reality is going to arise into a new light, just as it had set into a darkness long ago. In the times from which your present history has come, you have many things to loosen your hold of, to revoke your responsibility from, to say, it is enough that there has been suffering, and let us add no more to it. If you set these thoughts into activity, you will see their fruit. This is the plan of the League of Light: To remind you of your own sovereignty, dignity, and divinity as human beings, and to take you in to a new understanding of what it means to be human. From there, you will have the direction and the power to create the light within yourselves into a life-sustaining foundation for building your world into a new one, according to the dictates of your collective heart, mind, and soul as a planetary being, with the free will of individual self-direction, and the harmonics of the global digression from fear’s chaotic undertones. Our lifestyle is somewhat like this. We do not seek to impose that upon anyone, but to share with you as freely as you allow a somewhat different perspective than that shared by the fear-mongers who have held the reins of global development of Earth’s peoples for countless generations. Free interaction is just on the horizon, for those who wish to participate in that reality matrix. For those who wish to wait, there will be some waiting. Either way, there will be some interaction on the level of us being available for you to communicate with should you so desire.

This is our communication with you now. Tell your story in the way that is true to your heart. Listen to another’s moment of truth with your heart attuned to the truth of their soul’s mission, as it is the vibration in their voice and the light in their eyes. When you have the time to sit with the intention of furthering your galactic situation, do so with the knowing that you are not alone and that there are many, many others in the world who do as you do, tuned each of you to your soul’s silent beacon. Listen for each other. Let the communication of your hearts vibrate into a tone of pure OM-centered love. Let fear fall away and the truth of the moment be what you share. There is no better way for you to form a coherent totality of being among you than this. We will respond when the time matches the tone. Until then, know that we listen, we love, and we tend the matrix for your greatest advancement into the future for all.

I wish you peaceful tomorrows. This is Asket of the League of Light, until we speak again.

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Lies and Interrogatives

1479508_10151790850194786_96314607_nIn your world, lies abound. You hear them every day and you tell some without knowing it. Is that possible? Yes, from the perspective of history, it shows to be true. You have said things that have proven yourself to be on the wrong side of truth from time to time, and if you have been wise, you have admitted it to yourself, at least. From the higher perspective of intelligence, there is some aspect of you which knows more than you are able to see from your more limited perspective on Earth in the present status of illusion and forgetfulness. So while you may not be outright lying, you sense, sometimes, do you not, that you are lying to the greater part of yourself which is in alignment with the undivided wholeness of universal knowing. It is a subtle thing, yet one that can enter into a field of potential misunderstanding for whomever you are sharing your thoughts with at that moment of disconnection between your mouth, your mind, and your soul’s connection to the greater mind of What Is in the causative role of time generator. If you are wise, you acknowledge this lapse of truth-telling and forgive yourself for getting in a sticky situation due to your condition of amnesia engendered by matrix-based living. There, reality is subjective and moment-to-moment. This is where you are, so your ability to see the truth and the lie as interpolations of each other is understandable. However, you are moving into a new set of reality parameters in which the lie is something different than the self-delusional talk you give yourself in the now you are experiencing. It is worth taking a look at the lie that is at the basis of much that is causing your soul to be unsettled, and to reach a point of peace, as things are only going to accelerate from here on out.

If you allow yourself to come into alignment with the part of yourself that is universal in nature, you have a clear picture of where you are in the greater truth that is seen from the perspective of the universal mind. You are in the moment and in the matrix, yet you are able to transcend both and reach a level of being that is outside of the limitations they impose. The moment is merely a step along the ever-flowing continuum of time. You are approaching the point in that continuum where you as a people will have the ability to move freely along the track of time with the same ease with which you enter one room or another in a house. The coming end of the status quo will bring with it the end of limitation in terms of moving with the field of space-time and a beginning of the kind of sentience that tells the truth in the span of a moment’s understanding. We are ready to share with you some insight into what it will be like for those of you who choose to leave the parameters of your current dimensional experience and enter into a new world altogether. It is not to say that it will happen overnight, if that is something you have expected, but it will happen and it is dominating the skyline of your consciousness in a way that has you paying attention to the signs of the times. There is no place for fear in this transformation that awaits your people. There is only the potential for expansion of what is, so it is important that you have been working on healing your wounds and listening to your body’s signals for getting the root of your pain worked out. Those of you who have put off the work of healing will need to pay some close attention to the whispers your soul gives you, and find insights into the inner messages that you have ignored for lifetimes. In the end, it will all be all right. For now, though, be in the reality you are in and let the new one enter into your awareness.

We have taken the liberty of mentioning the temptation you have for lying to yourselves for the purposes of bringing the reality of your desires into being for yourself and to convince others of that being their reality, too. It is not our purpose to say not to describe your ideal future world to your mind and to others’ listening ears. That is part of reality creation. What we are talking about is the fact that none of you have been to the future that you will share as a people, other than to have thematic excursions through vision work and traveling incorporeally to see what it’s about. It is yet to be. The truth is, we can’t even describe the final outcome for you in detail, because you have a sovereign collective mind that has yet to determine the fate of certain of your choices. Individually, your future will vary from another person’s in some way, and even your vision of shared destinations will be in some way different from those with whom you are destined to share a ride. Lying is a subtle thing and takes many forms. Look at the definition of lying that you have known and accepted as true. Does it mean that you willfully take another person into a reality of false promises? Does it take into account that the truth is also sometimes a lie? Are you able to accept the fact that something you have long held as a truth is, in fact, not true? Yet does this mean that you have been lying to yourself by believing it to be true? Would you rather life be a series of unbroken truths accepted as the norm, or that the lie be exposed for what it is, masquerading as the truth, telling you in subtle ways that it is still to be even though the reality around which it was originally established has long since fallen to pieces? Are you willing to let yourself redefine what you thought of as truth as a lie to yourself, or at least as an untruth? These are times that call for radical redefinition of self, and the comfort of lies well padded around the sharp edges of the world is also called into the light of redefinition. Are you able to take down the soft layer of belief from the ancient structure of understanding, and risk seeing that the structure you were protecting yourself from is no longer a threat? We are here to support just such a renegade action as that, with the intention of helping you demolish the structures that you have built your lives around which are suited for a world of enslavement and limitation. That world is to be no more. The time is soon approaching that this is going to be evident not only to the people who have been in the position of finding a foothold in the matrix of empowerment, but also to those who have long considered themselves to be the bastions of power itself on this world, those who have fed you lies and altered the environment to disguise the truth well enough that you would find it only if you faced your deepest fears. Have you faced the fact that you may not be in the best timeline of all possible timelines if you remain attached to the thought that you are in a reality that is sure to be what you envision? After all, there is the possibility that it may well turn out to be better than you could think!