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When the Tough Get Going

Jeanne d'Arc by Eugene Thirion Light is beginning to show through bigger cracks in the facade of your reality now. More and more, truth will be known. There is no stopping it. There is no denying it. We are not going to let the truth remain guarded for your answer-seeking minds, though there aspects of it that we cannot reveal because of norms of interplanetary diplomacy and your own directive to self-govern. You are about to know the movement toward self-governance but not because we come to save you. We come to help you understand who you are and to give you a collective wake-up call, but not to take control. You are more than capable of doing what you came to do without our direct involvement. We are available for support and guidance, and we are doing what we are able to behind the scenes, but we will not steal your glory from you. The mastery of your quest as a planetary population is something you can do on your own and you would not be very happy if someone else did it for you, anyway. Know that we will keep an eye on everything as we have done and the dark forces which act on the Earth will deal with the remaining time they have as overseers of the world’s affairs as criminals who know the world is coming to justice.

Remembering will add the missing element to your quest of liberation and transformation. How to remember is still a mystery but some of you are decoding with greater speed. Light will still shine on the Earth after you remember, but the shadows will not be so formidable. You are coming into the time of greater remembrance now and seeing the new picture that full memory promises. In the night you have dreams and in the light you have memory. The key to remembering is to pay attention to the divinity that reveals itself in the shadows. There is only a spark of light to give you a hint of the divine life that animates all things, and it is sometimes difficult to see. If you train your eyes to recognize the frequency of life even in death, you will come closer to remembering why you chose to incarnate on Earth at this time. If you can remember that, you will be ready for the transformation that is to come.

On the knowingness that accompanies remembrance, I will say this: You are having hints and clues of that path appearing around you in many ways to remind you about the way back to memory. When you follow those clues, you open your own vault of precious memory and begin to decipher more and more. The next phase after remembering is knowing. There is much to be said about what you will come to know, but before that, you must approach the vault of memory with fearlessness and determination. Remember what I said about determination. It is a choice to see all that you are and a choice to allow more of yourself to bring itself to your attention. Determination leads to divinity in the moment you decide to know yourself. If you can keep that in mind, it will help you discern what light is present in the shadows waiting for you to discover it. If you are able to discern that, then you will have very little trouble navigating your way through the turbulence that is in the lost days of forgetfulness being regained in the present moment’s nexus of integration.

There is a saying on your world, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” The going has been tough for so many of you for so long now, and you are collectively yearning for real change to make the going a little easier. The tough element of your zen calm has reached a point of letting go of the illusion of business as usual being the way things have to be and instead making your quest more real and more closely had in hand. You are tough to the core, dear ones, and tough to defeat. You are on a tough path, to be sure, but it is not tougher than you are. You are on your way to discovering just how tough you are as a people who live in the truth of light and the mastery of love. Remember who you came here to be. Be true to your own light and you will more easily see it in unlikely places. The tough times are on the way out and the final part of your quest is soon to begin. Be staunch in your determination to bring memory alive!



When the Ships Take the Terrestrial Attention of Man


Well, dear human brethren of Earth, we are at a point in your history where we are meant to meet again. What do you suppose will happen in the near future? We are on the viewfinding equipment of many people who point their lenses to the sky, and so are others who are on our vibration, along with other factions who are not. We’re all waiting for the moment of something to present itself to your consciousness, and then we will have the attention of more than we have now. There is nothing to fear in this, for we are not planning to cause any kind of conflict with anyone. If you can remain grounded in the knowingness that you have family lineage outside of your earthly home, you’ll be fine and dandy.

We are not at liberty to say the exact specifics of the coming days of your time, but we are able to tell you that we are on the edge of your visual capacity now. We have been waiting and planning the steps of our imperative to meet with you again, to re-establish open contact, and the door for that is just now creaking open on a planetary scale. Soon you will see the truth of what many have scoffed at as delusional thinking, and feel the satisfaction of knowing your own truth within your embodiment, for the soul knows what time it is even if the mind does not quite register it.

Briefly, I can tell you that the people of Earth are not totally ready for a massive unveiling of fleets of starships. Enough of you are, however, to be of support to those who are not yet awake to the fact of our presence, and you will have to be ready to help those who need the steadying influence of someone grounded in their understanding of the true nature of humanity’s cosmic adventure. Be present with yourself in sensing whether or not this message resonates with you. Do you feel settled in your bones as you read this communication from the league of Light? Do you feel calm about the future in spite of the uncertainty you are bombarded with every day from the media machine of social engineering protocols? Despite the workings of underhanded attempts to twist your human nature into something profitable and controllable from the outside, you are on the brink of surprising yourselves with how resilient your spirit is as a planetary people and how easy it is to slip into the groove of collective awareness of the mind of humanity unleashed from the net of illusionary models of social behavior. It’s important that you consider the implications of such a huge idea, even if you have been contemplating the possibility of such a thing happening in the real world. We are here and we are real, and you are about to discover how real “real” is. Let your awareness explore the subtle vibrations of your bodily senses and observe what kinds of feedback your unfettered frequencies give you in light of what I have just let take form in words. Then tune into the network of interconnection that exists among and within and between you and others who are aware of the light of truth and the emergence of the human spirit from the dark shadows of oppression, and feel what frequency feedback you sense from there. Allow your frequency to filter into the field of global consciousness and enjoy the freedom of open play!

Look up, dear ones, and look within. We are there. This is Asket of the League of Light, and I bid you peaceful tomorrows.

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Lies and Interrogatives

1479508_10151790850194786_96314607_nIn your world, lies abound. You hear them every day and you tell some without knowing it. Is that possible? Yes, from the perspective of history, it shows to be true. You have said things that have proven yourself to be on the wrong side of truth from time to time, and if you have been wise, you have admitted it to yourself, at least. From the higher perspective of intelligence, there is some aspect of you which knows more than you are able to see from your more limited perspective on Earth in the present status of illusion and forgetfulness. So while you may not be outright lying, you sense, sometimes, do you not, that you are lying to the greater part of yourself which is in alignment with the undivided wholeness of universal knowing. It is a subtle thing, yet one that can enter into a field of potential misunderstanding for whomever you are sharing your thoughts with at that moment of disconnection between your mouth, your mind, and your soul’s connection to the greater mind of What Is in the causative role of time generator. If you are wise, you acknowledge this lapse of truth-telling and forgive yourself for getting in a sticky situation due to your condition of amnesia engendered by matrix-based living. There, reality is subjective and moment-to-moment. This is where you are, so your ability to see the truth and the lie as interpolations of each other is understandable. However, you are moving into a new set of reality parameters in which the lie is something different than the self-delusional talk you give yourself in the now you are experiencing. It is worth taking a look at the lie that is at the basis of much that is causing your soul to be unsettled, and to reach a point of peace, as things are only going to accelerate from here on out.

If you allow yourself to come into alignment with the part of yourself that is universal in nature, you have a clear picture of where you are in the greater truth that is seen from the perspective of the universal mind. You are in the moment and in the matrix, yet you are able to transcend both and reach a level of being that is outside of the limitations they impose. The moment is merely a step along the ever-flowing continuum of time. You are approaching the point in that continuum where you as a people will have the ability to move freely along the track of time with the same ease with which you enter one room or another in a house. The coming end of the status quo will bring with it the end of limitation in terms of moving with the field of space-time and a beginning of the kind of sentience that tells the truth in the span of a moment’s understanding. We are ready to share with you some insight into what it will be like for those of you who choose to leave the parameters of your current dimensional experience and enter into a new world altogether. It is not to say that it will happen overnight, if that is something you have expected, but it will happen and it is dominating the skyline of your consciousness in a way that has you paying attention to the signs of the times. There is no place for fear in this transformation that awaits your people. There is only the potential for expansion of what is, so it is important that you have been working on healing your wounds and listening to your body’s signals for getting the root of your pain worked out. Those of you who have put off the work of healing will need to pay some close attention to the whispers your soul gives you, and find insights into the inner messages that you have ignored for lifetimes. In the end, it will all be all right. For now, though, be in the reality you are in and let the new one enter into your awareness.

We have taken the liberty of mentioning the temptation you have for lying to yourselves for the purposes of bringing the reality of your desires into being for yourself and to convince others of that being their reality, too. It is not our purpose to say not to describe your ideal future world to your mind and to others’ listening ears. That is part of reality creation. What we are talking about is the fact that none of you have been to the future that you will share as a people, other than to have thematic excursions through vision work and traveling incorporeally to see what it’s about. It is yet to be. The truth is, we can’t even describe the final outcome for you in detail, because you have a sovereign collective mind that has yet to determine the fate of certain of your choices. Individually, your future will vary from another person’s in some way, and even your vision of shared destinations will be in some way different from those with whom you are destined to share a ride. Lying is a subtle thing and takes many forms. Look at the definition of lying that you have known and accepted as true. Does it mean that you willfully take another person into a reality of false promises? Does it take into account that the truth is also sometimes a lie? Are you able to accept the fact that something you have long held as a truth is, in fact, not true? Yet does this mean that you have been lying to yourself by believing it to be true? Would you rather life be a series of unbroken truths accepted as the norm, or that the lie be exposed for what it is, masquerading as the truth, telling you in subtle ways that it is still to be even though the reality around which it was originally established has long since fallen to pieces? Are you willing to let yourself redefine what you thought of as truth as a lie to yourself, or at least as an untruth? These are times that call for radical redefinition of self, and the comfort of lies well padded around the sharp edges of the world is also called into the light of redefinition. Are you able to take down the soft layer of belief from the ancient structure of understanding, and risk seeing that the structure you were protecting yourself from is no longer a threat? We are here to support just such a renegade action as that, with the intention of helping you demolish the structures that you have built your lives around which are suited for a world of enslavement and limitation. That world is to be no more. The time is soon approaching that this is going to be evident not only to the people who have been in the position of finding a foothold in the matrix of empowerment, but also to those who have long considered themselves to be the bastions of power itself on this world, those who have fed you lies and altered the environment to disguise the truth well enough that you would find it only if you faced your deepest fears. Have you faced the fact that you may not be in the best timeline of all possible timelines if you remain attached to the thought that you are in a reality that is sure to be what you envision? After all, there is the possibility that it may well turn out to be better than you could think!


A Handshake Is Coming: Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian


Asket is here. I am one of the many people who are in the work of OM and who have come to the planet now to help your race survive the challenges in the mix of what is happening. You are not in the final days of the earth, though for many it will be so. In fact the earth is about to undergo a shift that will give it some new life and this is the energizing of the planet that has been anticipated for eons. We of the gathered entities of benevolence are here on the planet and around the planet to assist in humanity’s transition into a new way of living. (You, Maryann, are one of our primary contacts for the moment. You have had your doubts about the validity of our existence and our mission, but it must be understood that we are not hoaxing you in any way. We are as real as any you have spoken with and will be more real than any of them in a very short time.) Our mission is different than some of those who merely speak in that we will be arriving in a way that will unmistakably make clear to the world that we exist and that our intentions toward the people of earth are peaceful.

You have a set of circumstances before you now. You have a choice to make about the way you wish to be regarded by others within the galactic gathering which follows your planet’s development. We can continue to interact with you in the way that we have been and you will continue to slowly come to understand the dark forces of light through direct manipulation by them, as has been done for age upon age. We are rather reluctant to let this happen without letting you in on our side of the story. You are faced with a dismal outcome should you choose this route and this is soon to become apparent to you in a big and bold way. You have another alternative, which is to join as one people and announce to your selves that you are in the only planet you have and that you can only survive as humans intact if you come to a life sustaining agreement to live as galactic tribes rather than as individuals in various clubs and social strata. You have lost the opportunity to take this route before, not due to your disagreement but due to your inability to generate the unified consciousness needed because of genetic and environmental manipulation. You face the same kind of obstacles now with a great difference, and that is that you are evolving into a new level of ethos and experience, and we are ready to make the choice available to you again, very timely, very soon. If you agree to join your hearts and minds in core stillness in the moment of our remembrance, you will achieve the resonance necessary to make the jump into a totally new way of living as a planet within a neighborhood of enlivened, enlightened people. It is your choice and we are hopeful of the outcome. You will have the new title of galactic human in the times to come, rather than the title of human, period. You will see the difference in semantics will take you into a new and entirely true time and space of living as you have higher levels of conscious awareness and life force available to you in the world that is in process of becoming.

We have yet to embark on the final leg of our journey, but the time for launching into your sphere of reality nears. We are hard at work in the world you know and in the world beyond yours in ways you cannot fully appreciate, but you will soon know of our activities and their impact on your everyday life. We love the world and all of you who live on it, and we hold no grudge for those who are making the living on it difficult, other than to say that the time of causing you trouble is approaching its end. We see no use in harboring a grudge, yet we know what we are here to do and we know the ones with whom we are dealing. In the realm of working to help you enter into a new phase of human civilization that extends beyond the borders of your planet, we are totally realistic about the job laying before us. It is for you to see what is for you to do in making the transition easier for the whole of humanity. Think beyond the borders of self. Stretch your compassion beyond the borders of those of like mindedness, include others who may invoke a sense of displeasure, distaste, or even hatred in your envelope of benevolence. There is only one Earth. There is only one humanity. We and you are part of it, and we are eager to show you how extensive your family tree really is.

I have not yet spoken to you in this way before, through this medium, and yet you are not a bit unfazed to hear words from a person of extraterrestrial origin address you in this manner. The time ticks toward the time that we will have a closer experience of communication, and it is our hope that you will listen with your hearts and open minds to what we have to share. The time for talking about niceties is giving way to a time for realistic solutions and transformational language. We want to introduce a vocabulary that will help you envision yourselves as part of a structure of social harmonics that allows all manner of creativity, freedom, and betterment for all beings. We have invited you to enter into a new age with your eyes open, free of the shackles that have weighed you down for eons, free from the ideas of enslavement with which you have allowed yourselves to be defined. Long ago we had to face such dramatic redefinitions of self as a people. Our presence here today is in support of your peaceful transition into the future of inspired self-expression that you thirst for.

I am signing off for now but will again contact you with greater explanations of our mission and your opportunity. I wish you peaceful tomorrows.