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Asket 2I am an interstellar agent of the galactic body of civilizations known as the League of Light. We are working on many projects at this time and the one that I am most involved with at this point is to inform the public about the changes they are facing. Our mission is to support the awakening of the population of Earth and to facilitate that happening without the process being manipulated to your collective detriment. We are on the ground, in the air, and on bases at various undisclosed locations around the world and the solar system. You do not openly see us, but we are nevertheless very present in your day-to-day life. We are working on the long-term goal of helping the human race native to the planet gain the natural rights they hold as galactic humans, to enjoy the freedom they merit as humans within the galactic community, and to forestall any attempts at making such a transformation from enslavement to liberation anything other than as peaceful and tranquil as possible for all involved.

You may have heard of my work with other people on the planet in other times in your history. I have come and gone and worked with a lot of humans in the course of this mission. Mr. Meier is one of many and is the most well-documented. At my behest, he agreed to document our interaction, and at the point where it no longer was necessary for either of us to continue, nor beneficial to the ongoing work I am involved in with the League of Light and other galactic organisms, that line of interaction was dismantled. This was as he and I arranged and as was advanced by all concerned as the best positive step to make for the outcome being advantageous for all. That, in a nutshell, is the story of my fame. Now, let’s move on from there and get busy with what is at hand at this moment: your transformation as humans into new living vessels of self-acknowledged divine light and interdimensional state.

The time in front of the human race is fraught with uncertainty, and this is how things have come to be for a lot of reasons. The most compelling reason for such a development of your history as a planetary humanity is the exploration of duality and the integration of polar opposites within one dichotomized unitary understanding of What Is. This is the source of the soul embodiment process that leads to the experience of human form alive in the dimensionality of 3-D, as you call it. It is the truth of your species to give your power to the least likely one to possess it of you, then to reclaim it as new beings who understand their truth and innate strength. This is something I’ve been teaching for eons, and now it’s your turn to learn from me, if you are ready and open. I would not presume to tell any of you what to do without your consent in some way that you tell me truthfully that you wish to learn what I am offering to share with you. If you would like to participate in my knowing, I am ready to share. Tune in to the messages and let them load into your sapient mind. A new way of listening and a new way of telling your tale will eventually come forth in the reading and sharing of these communications.

I am Asket of Temmer, of Pleiades, of the galactic human race and the civilization of light. Peaceful tomorrows.

7 thoughts on “About Asket

  1. I think for some of us the time time has arrived to communicate directly. Not a third person to tell the story over and over. If we can communicate directly then we can begin to understand your mindset because you are more advanced the us. Like Akon on Meton, you will know him. Please comment on this. Because people are falling backc-c the reason nothing can be seen and the suffering is going on and on. It seems the church is “back”. only promises. I understand the situation. But we are realy tired now…………………… With Divine Love

    • I agree, Johann, there has been a dramatic shift in the distance between worlds, and communication is more accessible for those who are attuned to it. We are all tired, that is so true, yet do you feel impulses of energy coming from the same source as the loving communication, giving us more light, helping us to go on? I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with Akon on Meton… if you could elaborate? Everything is changing, we have a little further to go… keep strength in your heart and know that the Pleiadians and others in the alliances of light are getting ever nearer, in so many ways. Their power is becoming more palpable! ❤

  2. Hallo Maryann, it seems you are a human being like me. Thanks for coming back to me. You know we sometimes feel these outer space beings are not prepared to visit planet earth. The other side of the coin, it seems we will have to fight the battle alone. They have made so many promises that people feel to fall back to the 3 dimensional which I call food money and sex. Are you a Pleidian? Do you have contact with them? Ok about Akon, you can check on the internet Akon had a ladyfriend who stayed on the Drakensberge (mountains). First publication of her book 1980. She had a son with him called Ayling. But people do not believe her experiences.She was from South Africa. Her son is still staying in SA.I have read a book form a lady Marciniak, many years ago. It had a very positive impact on me. Then it seems the Pleidian ladies are very beautiful? Light blessings.

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  4. Hello Maryann, and Asket.
    I posted on The last video that I could find of Askets and something is perplexing to me. It seems that Asket has not been channeled in the past Year, at least not that I have seen. I am fearful of the dramatic change that We are on cusp of. I am not so much worried about Myself as I am my loved ones. My daughter is going to be 15 in December and the very thought of any harm coming to her or any innocent children/people absolutly breaks my heart. If there are any words of comfort that you can offer then please don’t hesitate.
    My heart and my spirit are receptive to yours.
    Kind regards,
    David W
    Bay Area California

  5. Hello Maryann and Asket.
    I just listened to the video that was posted only a few minutes ago on YouTube. I am truly touched.
    Thank You so very much for taking the time. I posted two comments on the section of the video. Seems that there are several layers to what is said on the video if I did not know any better I would think that You are talking about us leaving the physical realm.

  6. Hello Maryann and Asket.
    I would like to correspond via email just with a question or two if possible. I want to assist
    If possible please email me via waller01@hotmail.com.
    Kind regards,

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